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When it comes to reforming schools, you do not hear much focus on the need for arts in children’s lives. However, young people learn numerous skills while studying the arts.


Being able to think outside of the box will distinguish one child from another. If children are forced to think creatively, it will come naturally to them in their future career.


The skills developed through theatre now only train you how to deliver a message, but also teaches confidence and command. Theatre trains children to step out of their comfort zone and teaches them making mistakes are okay.

Problem Solving-

All the practice children who participate in arts will learn problem solving and skills in reasoning and understanding. This will help develop important skills necessary to any career.


In an increasingly competitive world, where people are being continually asked to develop new talents and skills, perseverance is essential to achieving success. Children learn this by playing instruments and practicing and practicing and not giving up.


The ability to maintain focus is a developed through art. Research has shown that participation in the arts improves children’s ability to concentrate and focus in other aspects of their life.

Non-Verbal Communication-

Through experiences in theatre and dance, children learn to portray mechanics of body language. They learn different ways of moving and how those movements communicate different emotions.

Receiving Constructive Criticism-

Positively handling constructive feedback is an important part of learning and is not supposed to be taken personally or offensively. Each arts discipline has a goal of the improvement of skills.


Through the arts, children learn how to work together, share responsibility, and compromise with others in order to accomplish a common goal.


Kids are able to develop healthy work habits such as being on time, respecting others’ contributions and putting effort into the success of the final piece.

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The Importance of Art – Dr. Jerry Hankins’ Blog


Dr. Jerry Hankins - Blog - Importance of Art

Art is a form of expression that requires many people to think in ways that are different from the tasks they perform during daily routines.  Art is both and outlet and a medium that incites thoughts, conversations, and actions within societies and between people.  It is important to remember how essential art has been in the formation of the present time and will continue to be an influence in shaping the future.

Art makes people think critically and in new, imaginative ways.  When viewing a piece of art, a person asks what message the artist was trying to convey when creating the piece and how that meaning was executed.  Even if a person dislikes a piece of art, he or she is forced to wonder why it was created and for what purpose.

Art makes people discover aesthetic likes and dislikes, but, perhaps more importantly, it also makes people feel emotions that allow them to connect with pieces of art and with the world and people around them.  Art can incite longing, empathy, anger, or desire.  Art helps brings people together because it conveys the message that individuals are not alone in their emotions and experiences.

Art helps individuals share their experiences and feel connected the people and places around them.  Art can even help people recognize that, fundamentally, human beings are not all that dissimilar and this can help audiences uncover a human culture.  There are certain objects, representations, and aesthetics, such as beautiful people and picturesque landscapes, that appeal to almost all people from various cultures.  It is important to pay attention to the things that remain important cross-culturally as these can reveal a deep human connection.  Language is not needed to understand most art.

Above all, art portrays the things that words cannot justify, both in beauty and historic significance.  Art depicts what the world looked like and what the world could look like.  In many ways, art is an optimistic force and a stern reminder of where human beings have been, the experiences they have shared, and all the possibilities the future may hold.

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