This page showcases some of the photographs that Dr. Jerry Hankins has taken. Although photography definitely interests Dr. Jerry Hankins, one of his first interests was visual art such as drawing.nDr. Jerry Hankins has enjoyed  drawing since he was young.  Art galleries also brought him joy. He would draw all the time. Dr. Hankins took drawing lessons as well, which he always  looked forward to. Dr. Hankins  exceeded expectations with any illustrations for projects or papers. Dr. Jerry Hankins worked with a number of mediums as well. Dr. Hankins continue to practice into his college years and eventually got a minor in it. On of Dr. Hankins’ pieces garnered collegiate recognition.

Dr. Jerry Hankins and his children share this passion for art and often paint together.

But with this great interest in art, Dr. Jerry Hankins has grown to appreciate photography. Some of his photographs can be viewed below.  For more information about Dr. Jerry Hankins’ interest in art and photography, please visit the full biography on the home page of the website. 

DrJerryHankinsPic3 DrJerryHankinsPic4 DrJerryHankinsPic2 Dr. Jerry Hankins


Here is a video about the importance of photography: