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This is a professional image of Dr. Jerry Hankins.

Dr. Jerry Hankins

Is It Art? What is Art?

Is It Good ART? 

And Who are you to Say So?

“It’s art when it looks as if I know what I’m doing and when doing it makes me feel good. It’s like a good revolution…that makes people feel good…I don’t think 10 people in a room talking about art could agree about whether something is good or bad art. I think it’s good when I can put myself into another artist’s shoes, and wish I could have done that, or could see myself doing it.” RICHARD PRINCE, Artist

“If it’s not visual and it’s not visceral and it’s not communicative, it’s not a work of art.” KARL KATZ, Executive Director of Muse Film and Television

“I know art when I see it.” WILLIAM RUBIN,  Director emeritus, Museum of Modern Art

“I think that art is the ability to show and tell what it means to be alive. It can powerfully visualize, textualize and/or musicalize your experience of the world, and there are a million ways to do it.” BARBARA KRUGER, Artist

“Something is a work of art when it has filled its role as therapy for the artist. I don’t care about the audience. I’m not working for the audience. The audience is welcome to take what they can.” LOUISE BOURGEOIS, Artist

There is the awareness of the art as the artist expresses their talents, and then there is art as it is subconsciously perceived by the viewer.  This causes different emotions, depending on the state of the viewer.  One can become happy with an immediate smile and their day is lightened. Another can be challenged, and put deep in thought. Still, it can be disturbing and cause outbreaks of pyromania. When art makes Dr. Jerry Hankins want to try a new style and wonder at the work before me, that is great art…

Since childhood, Dr. Jerry Hankins has always loved to draw.  He enjoyed art galleries and seeing everything there. He could always envision amazing scenes from the books that he read, and he would draw them. Dr. Hankins had lessons though the 8th grade, and he always looked forward to that time. He liked the various projects that were put before me. Dr. Hankins went above and beyond with any illustrations for projects or papers.

Dr. Jerry Hankins worked with pastels, acrylics, watercolor and pencils.

In college, his premed director allowed him to take actual art classes instead of art history.  Dr. Hankins took some art course each semester and ended up getting a minor in art.  He always put everything into his drawings, and one of his drawings was chosen for collegiate recognition. It placed second in its category.

Dr. Jerry Hankins’ passion for expressing art has been rekindled with his children’s passion for art. He always drew whatever they asked him too, and they do projects together. As they have become more advanced art students, it’s reawakened his spirit also.

Dr. Jerry Hankins and his children have painting Marathons, and not often enough.  His favorite medium is  pencil drawings.  He  has always been comfortable with pen and ink. Now he working in acrylics. His children, friends and pets inspire his projects and expand his horizons. Dr. Jerry Hankins is an aspiring amateur artist… Oh, Yes, he also does photography.

This is a photograph taken by Dr. Jerry Hankins

Dr. Jerry Hankins Photography